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RCB Services is a newly formed company specialising in many areas of building works. Their overall intention is to make their clients feel confident that they are the ‘only’ people for the job. Their recommendations are always positive as they’re highly qualified and genuinely nice people.


RCB Services Ltd

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After our initial meeting, we discovered that the most crucial factor in RCB Services gaining customers is through trusted recommendations. Our objectives were to create an identity that is bold and memorable while also exuding a sense of approval.

The typography was carefully designed for legibility and to have a maximum impact across all applications. The addition of the star aims to convey a trustworthy '5-star services' feel, and the primary colour chosen is a vibrant burnt orange, selected to make it truly stand out.


  • Stationery
  • Signage
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We developed a bold and vibrant stationery pack to extend the brand. This stationery served as an excellent platform for us to integrate the star as a prominent element of the brand. We strategically scaled and positioned the star icon to guide the client's eye toward the essential information.


To enhance RCB Services visibility, we designed an 8ft x 6ft sign to be attached to their scaffolding during work. Ensuring it contained all the necessary information, we aimed to make it quick and easy for people to understand their services and get in touch.


Creating bold and engaging vehicle graphics was paramount for us. The RCB Services vans needed to showcase all their unique selling propositions (USPs) since they specialize in various areas that may not be immediately apparent. The large orange star serves to convey a sense of urgency while also effectively breaking up the hierarchy of the van's design.

Enormous thanks to Finbi for their outstanding work on our brand logo and collateral. Their creativity and expertise exceeded our expectations, resulting in a visually stunning and impactful brand identity.

Ryan Cochlin Director
RCB Services on site signage

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