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Driveway Tyres is an independent, family run business providing mobile tyre fitting services. Whether you’re at home or work they make it as easy and convenient as possible. Their company ethos is to offer competitive, honest and upfront pricing with no hidden extras.


Driveway Tyres Ltd

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Our objective was to create a striking and dynamic identity that would be used on multiple applications. It's look and feel had to indicate efficiency, convenience and trustworthiness.

The type was carefully created to give the sense of urgency and the three stripes coming off the D gives the logo energy making it look effective wherever it's seen.


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We created a simple inspection report card that would be filled out by a member of Driveway Tyres, following a free inspection of someone’s vehicle. The idea was to inform the potential customer of the condition of their tyres and for them then to decide how to proceed. It has been designed with all the right call to actions making it easy for people to make contact.


Driveway Tyres asked us to create an advert that they could use in various publications. They required two versions, one with a voucher to promote a special offer and the other highlighting all the USPs. Both adverts contained all the same call to actions and images that best promote the business.

Petrol Pump Graphic

The design required very little information, it was all about being bold and engaging to best promote the available offer. We used all the right call to actions to persuade potential customers to make an inquiry.


It was very important for the vehicle graphics to be engaging and legible so they're easily seen in transit. By using the logo as large as possible, it naturally became the main call to action. The large, oversized D graphic was intended to suggest speed and the telephone number was red to stand out from the rest of the design. It was also important that all other services were displayed large on the vehicle too.

We have worked on numerous projects with Finbi Design over the years. Their expertise and attention to detail is outstanding and it has been a pleasure to work with the great team. We look forward to working with them on many more projects.

David Cooper Director

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