Originating from the heart of the South Wales valleys, Orangebox have been designing and manufacturing innovative furniture solutions for the past two decades. They’ve soon become a global organisation and because of their recent acquisition with ‘world leaders Steelcase’, it’s only up for them now.


  • A-Game Films (Videography)
  • Cooply Solutions (Server-Side Development)
  • Hello Monday (Client-Side Development)


Orangebox Ltd

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  • Stationery
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Price List
  • Swing Tag
  • Vehicle Livery
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We developed a refined and elegant stationery set that is consistent with their corporate image.

Brand Guidelines

This was created as an internal ‘bible’ for the designers and people alike to take reference when designing anything visual for the company. The digital document was very successful as it gave the user a better understanding of why measures are put in place and the significant benefits of using it.

Price List

Our objective in creating the company price list was to make the complexities of specifying and ordering products simple for the customer. With this in mind, we designed an easy-to-use document that could be efficiently updated in currency and language due to the ever-expanding global portfolio of products. It's a great tool for Orangebox in which they continue to use.

Swing Tag

Orangebox put swing tags on all new product releases as it's a very effective way of showing information in bite-size-pieces.

This particular tag identifies the important elements of the chair by using technical illustrations combined with detailed summaries. The cover design is a close-up photograph of the chair as we knew it would draw attention.

Vehicle Livery

Our main priority was to resolve the design inconsistencies they had within their fleet of vehicles. After designing the full range, we supplied the transport team with a set of print ready graphics and a colour break down for them to reference for all future purchases. This assured the brand colour was consistent with all vehicles whether they were being sprayed or wrapped in vinyl.

Marcus and his team bring fabulous talent, ambition and experience combined with unrelenting energy and oomph to every project, a perfect recipe for productive and enjoyable collaboration.

Gerard Taylor Creative Director


  • Website
  • Resource Centre
  • HTML Email
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Orangebox decided to use Hello Monday a world-renowned digital agency to create their new website. They insisted on keeping some of the fundamental features that our company director initiated when he built the original site back in 2010.

We were commissioned to play a managerial roll to make sure the project ran as smooth as possible. We attended most of the meetings acting as Orangebox representatives and were involved in making many key decisions alongside the creative director and marketing manager. We also played a vital role between Hello Monday and the backend programmers making sure that all technical issues were understood by all parties.

Alongside managing the project, we were responsible for adding all written content to the CMS and carrying out thousands of image edits that are used throughout the site.

We're now in control of developing anything new including sections, pages and specific modules that continues to make this site a success.

Resource Centre

When our company director first built the original site back in 2010, he quickly realised that after talking to various architects and space planners that no one within the industry offered a place where people could easily download all the files they needed to get a proposal over the finishing line.

The Orangebox resource centre was born on the back of this information. It continues to be a go to place where various CAD file formats, data cards, product certificates, environmental information, product images etc can be easily downloaded via an add to basket system. It was the first of its type in the industry and was a massive return on Orangebox’s investment.

Due to its success Orangebox informed Hello Monday that the system could be restyled but the way it functioned had to remain the same.

HTML Email

Orangebox approached us to design a selection of html email templates they could use to promote new products, latest news and future events.


  • Showroom Graphics
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Showroom Graphics

This illustration was created to promote the launch of a new table range at Clerkenwell Design Week. We created an illustration that showed the main USP's in a fun and eye-catching way.


  • Lano
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We were briefed to promote this new product for an up-and-coming event at their London showroom. We created an animated sequence showcasing the 104 variations of the product in a very simple and engaging way. The one-colour single line approach was used for maximum impact which viewed really well on the various large screens scattered around the showroom. This started an animation trend within Orangebox to promote other projects.

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