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Mike Thomas Electrical Services is a small and reliable electrical installation company based in the South Wales valleys. Mike started out as an electrical engineer for a reputable energy provider and after many years working in his field he decided to run his own business.


Mike Thomas Electrical Services Ltd

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Our main objectives were to design an identity that is eye-catching and modern. As a small company, we aimed to elevate the Mike Thomas brand significantly. To achieve this, we created a dynamic logo mark that not only represents two separate electrical circuits but also forms the initials of the company name.

We carefully selected a colour palette, considering the diverse range of items the branding would be used on. Ultimately, we opted for a vibrant blue, mixed with white and black.

MTES logo


  • Clothing
  • Business Card
  • Livery
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It was important to MTES that they appear both professional and easily identifiable when working on-site or at people’s houses. Choosing a black polo shirt was the ideal decision, as it complements the MTES icon logo effectively.

Business Card

We developed a bold business card design, incorporating the three main colors chosen for the brand. Opting for a black background, we aimed to create high contrast, maintaining consistency across all brand elements.


Mike not only uses this van for work but also personally. Therefore, the graphics needed to be versatile. We printed them onto magnetic panels, providing Mike with the flexibility to transform the vehicle into a work van when required.

Grateful to Finbi for their exceptional creativity in crafting our brand logo and collateral. Their dedication and talent transformed our vision into a stunning reality. Thank you for an outstanding job!

Mike Thomas Director


  • Social Graphics
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Social Graphics

Most of Mike’s customers come from social media, especially Facebook. Therefore, it is crucial that MTES’s visual presence on these channels is both professional and it effectively conveys the services Mike offers. The ‘MT’ icon is a strong profile image — a memorable graphical mark that will become easily recognizable to Mike.

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