Diamond Centre Wales

Diamond Centre Wales has earned its reputation for creating beautiful and bespoke diamond jewellery since 1983. From their purposely built, merchant quarters, they provide a complete concept to creation service which is undertaken in-house. Their focus is on ensuring your experience is memorable and that you are delighted with your purchase.


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Diamond Centre Wales Ltd


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We inherited this identity from our director’s previous company. It was originally designed back in 2004 but needed a refresh. We started by refining the diamond illustration and introducing a timeless typeface we knew would transfer well across all their media. We supplied two orientations of the logo to give them the flexibility to choose the one that works best in any situation.


  • Packaging
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The chocolate box sleeves were designed exclusively for internal events. They were a great platform to introduce many of the brand assets we’d created, like the heart, present, diamond etc. It was also the first time we used the image of a bow, which is intended to represent the emotion of unwrapping a beautiful gift. The bow has become an integral part of their brand.


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This website aims to showcase DCW's exquisite jewellery in a visually stunning way, providing visitors with a seamless and captivating experience. It features captivating images and informative content that highlight the exceptional craftsmanship behind each masterpiece.

The product pages are enriched with persuasive features such as "Make an Enquiry," "Drop a Hint," and "Share with Friends".

In addition to the website's offerings, we have introduced a stand-alone "Ring Designer," a step-by-step builder that generates enquiries that have lead to sales. A unique reference number is assigned to every creation for effortless communication between visitors and the sales team.

Within the bespoke CMS, a powerful "Statistics Manager" offers valuable insights into visitor interactions, helping DCW gain a deeper understanding of their customers.

Overall, the website embodies elegance, leaving an indelible impression on every visitor and serving as a captivating gateway to Diamond Centre Wales' exceptional artistry.


The bespoke system is a relatively new addition to the site, it allows visitors to shop by product or collection. It has all the features you’d expect from a shopping cart system with a very clever backend. When a sale has been made the chosen stone is no longer available and the option is automatically removed from all other product pages.


The calendar system we designed and built for DCW has been extremely successful. All members of staff can view their booked holidays, add customer appointments, search for bookings or just use it as a fully functioning calendar, viewed either by day, month or year. An extra level of permissions has been allocated to all management so they’re able to fully edit the system.

HTML Email

We have designed a selection of html email templates for DCW to use to promote new products, latest news and future events.

Not only has Finbi’s expertise and professionalism carried us forward to be one of the leading jewellery manufacturers in Wales but has allowed us to keep up with modern trends over the past 17 years. I look forward to continuing our relationship.

Sharon James Director


  • Brand Assets
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Brand Assets

We proposed a captivating concept of filling shapes with diamonds, providing DCW with an incredibly versatile and enduring formula. These graphics have become a powerful promotional tool adaptable to any campaign. They hold the potential to elevate any occasion or product, adding a touch of brilliance that resonates with audiences throughout the year. These diamond-filled shapes have become a timeless asset for Diamond Centre Wales, ensuring lasting impact and engagement with their audience.


  • Christmas
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We've crafted this captivating animation to serve as the perfect introduction to promote many of Diamond Centre Wales' festive campaigns year after year. The prominent red ribbon, thoughtfully chosen to symbolize the joy of receiving and unwrapping a special gift, has seamlessly become an integral part of the cherished DCW brand. Its widespread use has made it a beloved symbol known to all who are familiar with the DCW.

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