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Will Dutta is a musical composer, performer and researcher from London. Bloomworks is the home of his current studio album project and it's a website where visitors can explore his essential ideas, research and context as the work grows.­


  • Russell Warren-Fisher (Website Design)


Studio Will Dutta Ltd

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  • Holding Page
  • Website
  • Interactive PDF
  • HTML Email
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Holding Page

Will Dutta approached our good friend, designer Russell Warren-Fisher to develop his brand which included the build of a new website.

Both were really keen to get started, so we were commissioned to firstly develop a holding page. This holding page allowed Will to start to engage with his audience whilst the main site was being built.


The website provides everything you need to know about Bloomworks with one of its main features directed towards the audience having an input.

Will invites visitors to download an original version of his music so they can create a unique version of it. These newly crafted versions are then sent back and added to the site with each participant explaining their reason behind their piece. Each version is presented as a coloured record that spins when it's being played.

The site also allows Will to engage with his audience via regular live stream broadcasts.

Interactive PDF

The interactive pdf provided participants with everything they needed to submit their creation. It captured details about the piece, offered links to areas of interest and provided a download link to the original stem.

Clicking the submit button after the form has been completed automatically opens the users mail client making it easy to send.

All shortlisted remixes feature on the interactive section of the website.

HTML Email

It was a natural progression that we designed a selection of html email templates for Will to keep engaging with his audience, telling them about latest news and all future events.

I can always count on Finbi to come up with creative, intuitive and reliable solutions to meet our needs. The team are always on-hand to turn around updates quickly. I can’t recommend them highly enough.

Will Dutta Musician

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