Dance Crazy Studios

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Dance Crazy Studios are one of the UK’s largest and most successful dance schools accommodating over 400 students of all ages and abilities.

Founded in 2002, it started with just one weekly class which quickly grew into an organisation that brings multiple classes for all ages at various locations around South Wales.


Dance Crazy Studios

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  • Logo
  • Brand Assets
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After the success Dance Crazy has received over the past few years, it was very important for their company image to reflect this new level of professionalism.

At an early stage we knew that we needed to create something that was extremely versatile that provided a mark that would also work as an icon, giving them the level of flexibility required for it to be applied to a wide range of media.

The circular shape represents an arial view of a rotating dress in a fast-paced dance. The slightly oversized D and C are interlinked to suggest the close contact of two dancers. The star represents the feeling most people have when attending classes regardless of ability and it also reflects the success of the school.

The pink and navy colours were chosen to give the brand identity a non-gender specific look.

Brand Assets

We recoloured the icon to give Dance Crazy Studios a set of badges for bronze, silver and gold which are used on medals and trophies for internal competitions.


  • Stationery
  • Merchandise
  • Pull Up Banner
  • Exterior Signage
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We created a clean, modern and legible stationery pack to continue the brand journey. The stationery was a great platform for us to introduce the subtle watermark of the icon and to use the ‘Live, Love & Dance Crazy’ tagline which is very important to the client.


The logo's versatility allowed us to generate and supply graphics for a massive range of merchandise including hoodies, pin badges, drawstring bags etc. Colour variations of the logo were supplied to give the client more options.

Pull Up Banner

The design of the pull up banner needed to continue in representing the brand. It was important for us that the banner presented the right amount of information and that all call to actions really stood out. It's a great tool that the school continue to use as a backdrop for photo shoots or as an advertising panel to promote the school when it's taken offsite.

Exterior Signage

The exterior signage had a consistent design to the pull up banner.

Finbi Design have provided us with an outstanding service with impeccable attention to detail. The professionalism and features of our website show amazing quality and imagery of our fabulous dance school.

Joanne & Abbie Directors


  • Website
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Our objective was not only to use this website as a platform to present the school's new brand image but to make it extremely easy for potential customers to book classes.

To achieve this goal it was essential that each class page provided the visitor with the functionality to be able to book a lesson, view timetables, read teacher profiles, view FAQ’s, see images from the class and get directions to their nearest studio.

The home page was a great place to introduce Dance Crazy Studios and provide information about up-and-coming events, testimonials and latest news.

Having contact details, opening times, a newsletter sign up and social media links on all pages was very important from the offset of this project.

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