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Club 58 is Diamond Centre Wales’ most exclusive internal event. It's an event where new product collections are launched, latest news is shared and exclusive offers are promoted. The name originated from the number of facets found on a modern round brilliant cut diamond.


Diamond Centre Wales Ltd

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We created an identity that is simple, modern and memorable. It's a mark that works well alongside the parent brand but is strong enough to work on its own.

We started by creating a graphic that represents the top-down view of a modern round brilliant cut diamond. Its circular shape also provided the perfect space for us to house the number 58. We tried adding the 58 facets to this symbol but it was too busy, especially when used small, so we simplified it to look right.

An uppercase typeface was used to give the mark presence and to allow it to be clearly read from a distance.

The logo was supplied in white, grey, red and gold to give DCW plenty of options to use throughout their marketing campaigns.


  • Pull Up Banners
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Pull Up Banners

DCW commissioned us to design a variety of pull up banners, these are used to promote anything that’s going on at an event. Each banner has its own individual subject matter whilst retaining brand consistency.


  • Supporting Graphics
  • HTML Email
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Supporting Graphics

We have created a number of supporting digital graphics for many of Club 58’s marketing campaigns. These graphics have been used to promote product sales, build up social media interest or for html emails. Many of them use a large diamond graphic which is sat on top of a very subtle velvet background, giving it an elegant and classy look.

HTML Email

We designed a small range of html email templates for Club 58, allowing the marketing manager to engage with the members, telling them about important news, all future events and to share how successful these gatherings have been.

Finbi are solution-driven branding experts who fully understand the balance between form and function. They'll guide you from concept to solution that can start generating a return on investment immediately. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to any business looking to increase its brand value.

Matthew Barroccu Marketing Manager

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